The truth is a value linked to honesty that implies the attitude of maintaining truthfulness in words and actions at all times. We carry out all kinds of polygraph tests: Infidelity and Fidelity, Theft or Appropriation, Human Resources, Sexual Abuse / Forensic Expertise / Courts.

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The services of a polygraph are in the resolution of disputes between individuals or companies. Polygraph tests can be used to determine the truth in situations where there are discrepancies in the statements of the parties involved.

The polygraph test, also known as the lie detector test, is a technique used to evaluate the truthfulness of a person’s statements. It is based on the recording of neurophysiological changes that occur in the body of the person undergoing the test when they are psychologically stimulated. These changes can be measured through a highly accurate scientific instrument, which records skin electrical activity, respiration, and heart rate, among other parameters.

The aim of the test is to identify whether a person is lying or telling the truth in relation to a specific set of questions. These questions are carefully and strategically designed to evaluate information relevant to the proposal in question. The examiner may ask questions about the past or current events, and the subject must answer truthfully. During the test, the examiner carefully monitors the person’s physiological changes and relates them to the given answers.

Although the polygraph test is widely used in investigation and law enforcement, its effectiveness remains controversial in some academic and legal circles. Despite this, it remains a valuable tool for investigators and justice in many cases.

“Before love, money, faith, fame and justice, give me the truth!”
Henry David Thoreau